This page is merely a holding bin and link page for some of my stuff. I'm a computer programmer, gamer, and musician, and I enjoy exploring the spaces between these domains.

If you're interested in anything you see here or have a comment, send it to me (Jim Halliday) at Thanks for visiting!

Projects in development

Heavy Rotation

Heavy Rotation is a game that uses the YouTube API to show very short clips of music videos. Players have to quickly guess the artist or song title before time runs out. This project is up and running, but I'm still doing some visual upgrades to improve the way it looks.

Family Tree Project

This is an installation of webtrees which contains my family history information, including many personal photographs and documents. This is a work in progress, and it still in the early stages of development.

Recent projects


This project uses the YouTube API and the Fabric javascript library to create an interactive form diagram the corresponds to a YouTube video. There are better projects out there that do similar things, but this is fully open-source with well-commented code, so it might be useful for folks exploring the YouTube API.


This is a Java-based front-end to FFmpeg. The GUI is pretty nice, and supports batch processing, but I never got very many file formats working, so it mostly works with audio formats only.

Older projects

I have a number of other older projects hosted over on github: These include several projects based around customizing Guitar Hero and related video games, some file format utilities, and a spectral analysis program.


I do a tiny bit of actual music-making, mostly just remixes and mashups. You can check out my SoundCloud account here and my YouTube account here for some random stuff.

Day job

In "real life", I've worked since 2001 for the Indiana University Libraries as a computer programmer and analyst, working with our scholarly journals (OJS), and our institutional repository (DSpace), among other things. I'm also developing some new solutions using Fedora, Hydra, and Sufia.

In the past, I was part of the Variations2 development team and helped create other sites such as the IN Harmony sheet music site. Before I became a computer programmer, I taught music theory as an AI and guest lecturer at IU, and I also have music degrees from IU and the University of Georgia.

Last update to this page: June 16, 2015